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Sew we meet again (3/3)- kaisoo 
10th-Dec-2013 09:07 pm
Title: Sew we meet again.
Pairings: Main: kaisoo (kai/kyungsoo), slight!Sebaek (sehun/baekhyun).
Genre: fluff, romance
Rating: NC13
Author: tofuticktacks (LJ)
Length: (entire fic) 14,400 words (this chapter) 6,083
Disclaimer: I do not own the boys, just the plot.
Summary: As it turns out, Jongin’s encounter with the young tailor he orders a suit from one day, would run a little further on down the line than simply collecting the garment three weeks later.
a/n: Dreamwidth

Following the familiar route to apartment 88 felt a little different from last time; the new cold wintry scent of the streets, a now frosted-glass business firm and a different form of nervous beat to his heart.

He was a quite glad for the presence of his childhood friend beside him, at least this way everything seems less serious; more like a get-together with friends, and less like an ever-so-slightly-romantic-yet-we’re-both-too-awkward-to-do-anything-about-it situation.

“Hyung do you think we have enough caramel popcorn?”

“Mhm, we can just quickly nip to the convenience store if need be.”

“Okie-dokie,” Sehun mumbled happily, rubbing his arms in an attempt to keep warm in his too-thin long-sleeved shirt.

“We really need to get you some winter clothes, Sehun. It’s going to start snowing in a week or so.”

“I know, I know. Baekhyun’s already been badgering me about it.”

Kyungsoo laughed in response, “well he is the one you’re always huddling into when you have to go outside.”
Sehun hummed noncommittally back at him before looking up and smiling mischievously, “exactly. Which is why it’s your job today,” and swung his arms over Kyungsoo’s shoulders, sticking his frosted, Kyungsoo notes despairingly, hands under his scarf, walking behind him.

“Sehun it’s really hard to walk like this,” Kyungsoo complained after a few steps.

“It is huh.”

“Ow, ow, ow! Don’t lean too much, you’re taller than me you know?!”


“Aish, you. I really hope you’re giving him Christmas chocolates or something.”

Upon finally arriving at the doors of the apartment complex, the two made their way through the lobby and up the elevator arriving at their destination.
Sehun knocked on the door, which was then opened by a smiling Jongin,
“hey there,” he stepped aside to let them through.

“Hi Jongin,” Kyungsoo greeted, “where can I put these?” He held up the shopping bags full of snacks.

“Oh you can dump those by the table.”

“Okay,” Kyungsoo slipped off his shoes and walked into the sitting room.
“Nice jumper,” Sehun commented, smiling slyly.

Jongin looked down at himself and laughed, “thought I’d break into my ugly Christmas jumper stash again for the year. It’s really warm so.”

“Ugh why didn’t I think of that,” Sehun scrunched up his nose.

“And on that note, for the record, we’re taking you shopping for warm clothing tomorrow Sehun,” Kyungsoo rubbed his shoulders, “I don’t know how Baekhyun is coping with the shoulder pain jesus Christ.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll give you a massage later or something,” Sehun chuckled amusedly at him holding his hands up in surrender.

Jongin snorted at the both of them and padded over to the kitchen area, grabbing the kettle to fill it up with water and flipping the on switch, “want anything to drink? I’ve got tea, coffee or Milo.”
“Milo,” the two chorused.

Once they were all settled comfortably with their steamy sweet drinks, Kyungsoo in his previous corner of the couch curled up and snuggled in large heavy blankets. Jongin was next to him half lying on the couch, covered in a light fleece picnic blanket and resting on a massive pillow. Sehun was sprawled out on the striped bean bags hogging most of the gigantic goose-feather pillows as well as another of the heavy blankets; a film was picked out via random, ‘rigged’ complained Sehun, selection from the mountain of DVD’s Jongin had obtained from his family home haphazardly stacked on the glass coffee table.

As it so happened ‘The little mermaid’ was their first viewing of the night.
The boys mostly lapsed into silence, occasionally broken by laughter, Sehun and Jongin’s running commentary, the crinkling and crunching of assorted movie night snack foods and terrible renditions of various Disney songs that Sehun even happened to know half of.

It was going pretty well, Kyungsoo thought, until about halfway through the lion king, and yes it had to be one of the silent emotional scenes ; his stomach decided to pick a moment to release a dying whale noise reminiscent to the volume of that of a broken lawn mower.

Red crept up his skin as the other two burst into choking, hysterical laughter.
“Hungry are we hyung?” Sehun cooed mockingly.
“Shut up Sehun,” he glared at the blonde, still cherry red.
“c’mon, we can go order some pizza or something then Hyung,” Jongin said softly, standing up and holding out his hand for Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo hesitantly let himself be pulled out of the seat, still draped in the blanket as if it was some kind of ceremonial robe three sizes too big for him.
They shuffled towards the kitchen, Kyungsoo started on the next round of Milo while Jongin went to search for the take-out number.
“So mushrooms, yay or nay?” Jongin asked as he sauntered back to the kitchen where Kyungsoo was pouring the hot water.
“Hell nooo,” came the muffled reply from Sehun.
Kyungsoo looked at him and shrugged, “I’m not a fussy eater.”
“Okay, pepperoni? Olives?” Jongin read from the menu pamphlet in his hands.
A thumbs up peaked up from behind the couch and Kyungsoo smiled at him imploringly.
“Pepperoni and olives it is then,” Jongin bit his lip as he punched in the number on the landline.

After placing the call, Jongin set the phone onto the kitchen counter and looked up at Kyungsoo. The older was absentmindedly stirring at the beverages; he appeared to be in deep thought over something. The room was silent sans the soft tinkling sound of the metal spoon hitting the insides of the glass mug and Sehun humming along to the faint 8-bit music emanating from the Mario game he was playing on his phone.

Jongin smiled mischievously before tugging at Kyungsoo’s hood-like blanket formation over the top half of his face. The boy jumped at the unexpected blackness that filled his vision, “wh-“, he was interrupted by the sound of muffled laughter.


“Yes hyung?”

“Would you please let go of the blanket. I can’t see anything.”
“That’s the point,” Jongin stated, a playful smirk evident in his voice.

“What are y-“

again interrupted, this time by arms wrapping around his sides holding his arms in place and tickling around his rib cage.
He released a stream of choked (manly) giggles and unintelligible gurgling noises before he could manage to form a few tangible sentences;

“Jongin sto-“, he breathed,



He squirmed around in an attempt to free himself from the younger boy’s arms, only to be tickled more intensely as a result.
Kyungsoo’s chest muscles hurt from laughing so much, his knees were giving way to leave him awkwardly propped up in Jongin’s hold; to which the latter finally stopped his assault on the tailor’s ribcage and instead lifted him up more firmly around his waist. He carried him to the couch and plopped him down gently.

Jongin pulled and fiddled with the twisted blankets, wrapping Kyungsoo up nicely and smiled apologetically at the shorter, fixing his messed hair.

Kyungsoo glowered at him for a few seconds, but soon lit up to his precious heart-shaped grin to reassure the concerned, guilty expression Jongin gave when Kyungsoo had glared for a second too long.
“Don’t you ever do that again, Kim Jongin,” he scolded with no real malice.
“I can’t make any promises, Hyung,” the dancer drawled back airily, raising an eyebrow.

In the background, Sehun rolled his eyes wondering if they even still realised he existed and was, like, 3 feet away, only half distracted by the colourful pixelated screen glaring in his face.

Five hours later, the gang were starting to become sleepy, the snack wrappers and pizza boxes that were previously scattered around their little camp-out spot, now piled (more-or-less) neatly in the corner Kyungsoo had deemed ‘the rubbish area’ when the smell of the blasted things near his head kept on festering around him.

Jongin had long lost interest in sleeping beauty, which was currently glowing away happily from the TV set, in favour of another.

Kyungsoo had dozed off somewhere in between Sehun’s commentary concerning some guy called ‘Luhan’ during Bambi and the opening sequence of the aristocats, quiet snoring, breathing sounds emanating from his form.

He was still all curled up in the corner, draped in blankets and resting on the big pillow Jongin had inserted underneath his head a while ago to prevent any neck cramps for him when he woke. His sleeping face was addicting, it was calm; not quite innocent, but it did give Jongin a strange heart-warming feeling.
The same feeling you get when tucked up next to a wooden fire in the snowy months, sipping at cups of hot chocolate enjoying the Christmas lights and lame movies.

The feeling of familiarity, calmness and warmth.

He smiled faintly, resisting the urge to coax Kyungsoo into a more comfy position and swiped the hair draping across his face behind his ear.

“I see you creeping there Phillip,” Sehun grinned, staring up at Jongin, leaning his chin on the edge of the couch, wearing tired eyes.
“And now you’re suddenly the king of Disney references.”

“I’m not the one staring at someone sleeping for a full fifteen minutes, don’t change the subject.”

Jongin sighed witheringly, dragging a hand over his face, “that long?”
Sehun laughed at him, “Yup. Not that I mind or anything, just thought I’d intervene at some point so his face didn’t crack. ”

“That’s reassuring.”

“I try.”

There was a moment of silence before Sehun’s face softened, his features becoming thoughtful,“you worry so much Jongin. You were doing it when we went for samgyeopsal too,” he started twiddling the hem of Kyungsoo’s blanket between his fingers.

“Soo is quite closed-off to people he doesn’t know well, always has been. He doesn’t like PDA all that much. Even with Baek and me. But he’s very comfortable with you, especially considering you’ve not known each other for that long. I’m not sure if that’s some sort of sign or not, but either way; he does like you in some way. Trust me if he didn’t like or if he felt uncomfortable with you he would either be avoiding you like the plague or making a constipated face whenever you go within a one metre radius of him.”

 A long 10 second silence then ensued.

Sehun picked at a ball of gathered fluff on the blanket and flicked it at Jongin’s cheek, causing him to flinch out of his frozen state.
“Oh, uhm, thanks Sehun,” he tried, still kind of wide-eyed at this revelation. Sehun was so much more perceptive than anyone would give him credit for.

But the boy’s words had jarred him slightly; Kyungsoo may actually like him, well maybe not like like but still, he might enjoy Jongin’s company, like talking to him. That very assurance from someone that knew Kyungsoo so well, it made every muscle in his body relax and a warm sensation rise in his throat, a pleasant feeling.

“Really though,” he reiterated, laughing embarrassedly and running his hand through his brunette bangs, “I needed to hear that.”

Sehun’s lips stretched into a lazy smile as he lifted one of his arms to slam it unceremoniously onto the couch to lean his head on, “Welcome,” he said simply before turning his gaze to Kyungsoo.

“He still falls asleep so easily.”

“It’s really unfair.”

“I know right?” Sehun narrowed his eyes at the slumbering tailor.

They awoke in the morning, a Peter pan track playing on repeat in the background on the DVD’s home screen when Sehun and Jongin had fallen asleep during the film and had not bothered to take out the disk. Jongin was in his half-laying position, mouth hanging open and head tipped back, Kyungsoo had eventually slid down into a lying position; butt half off the couch and hugging at Jongins shin. Sehun was simply spread-eagled face down out on his huge pillows, newly blonde hair in a distorted mess and a saliva patch near his chin.

Surprisingly, Sehun had been the first to wake. The bottomless pit that was his stomach (thank you, metabolism, he grated) had alerted him that he needed some food. He twisted his body over to face upwards and blinked with sleep-hooded eyes.

The first sight the wonderful day had greeted him with was Kyungsoo’s ass jutting off the edge of the couch, he frowned and sat up. His hair stood up in strange angles, a peroxide-fried straw mess.
He stumbled and waddled his way to the kitchen area, digging around in the cupboards until he found some cereal and proceeded to chomp on its dry form straight from the box.

Only when he returned to the lounge did he notice the position the other two had sported and nearly started choking on the wheat filling his mouth.
Sehun decided it would be of his best interest to snap a picture of such a moment, sending it to Luhan and Baekhyun for their update on the two’s progress as promised.

He sat on his pillows again, cereal box set in between his crossed legs and considered if he should let them rise by themselves.
But there’s no fun in that.

He smiled playfully and jabbed his fingers into Jongin’s hip. The dancer groaned and lifted his arm to swat Sehun away, his bleariness made him slow and he missed a mile off when Sehun moved on to his stomach.

“Ow! Your fingers are fucking sharp you ass,” he grumbled.

“Good morning sunshine,” Sehun finally stopped and continued to shovel cereal into his mouth crunching on it loudly without closing his mouth, crooked smile still in place.

Jongin creased his brows at him and tried sitting up, but suddenly registered something tugging at one of his legs.

He snapped his head down to find Kyungsoo, curled into a ball and snuggling Jongin’s shin into his chest with his arms, face serene and still very much asleep.
Jongin turned with wide pleading eyes at Sehun, who had now adorned a shit-eating grin.

“Wh-what do I do?”

“Kick him.”

Jongin glared.

Sehun chuckled and shook his head, “just wriggle out.”

Jongin tried, in vain, to slip his leg out carefully from Kyungsoo’s clutches. But the other was having none of it. He started frowning, hugging it closer and whining in his sleep as if someone was trying to steal his pillow.

Jongin turned to Sehun again mouthing ‘save me’ with a desperate puppy-like expression.

Sehun, being the unhelpful little shit he was, just started laughing breathlessly at him and choking on cereal.
“Seriously though Sehun I need to pee.”
Sehun still didn’t respond.

After glancing between Kyungsoo then back to Sehun’s amused expression a few times, Jongin hesitantly leaned over towards the sleeping boy. He bit his lip before calling at him a few times and shaking his arm gently.

“Mppphhh, sleepy. Five more-“ Kyungsoo was interrupted by his own yawn.

A minute stab of guilt pierced Jongin at the noise.

“I know, I know, I’m sorry hyung. But I um, I kind of need my leg to walk,” and shook his trapped leg twice lightly for emphasis.
“Oh,” Kyungsoo mumbled and drowsily batted his eyes open to see exactly what Jongin was talking about and suddenly gained a panicked expression, “sorry. I must have-“, he released Jongin immediately.

“It’s okay hyung. There’s nothing to apologise for,” Jongin grabbed one of the smaller pillows that had made their way behind the couch and offered it to Kyungsoo “go back to sleep. I’m sorry I woke you.”
The latter scooped it up and bundled up to it, a small, grateful smile playing on his lips.


Jongin smiled right back and staggered off to the bathroom, driving the fingers of one hand through his hair.

Christmas can provide one with all sorts of surprises, Kyungsoo muses.

They can be good ones, like when his parents had chipped into buying him his very first bike when he was eight, or to the more recent gift of an over-locker machine that he had to keep staying late at his school’s textiles department to use three nights a week for his projects. He’d been thrilled with those.

But there can also be bad ones. Like when he nearly suffocated on the coin he hadn’t known was inserted in a western-style Christmas pudding made by his Canadian aunt. And proceeded to hack, spreading saliva-soiled crumbs of the offending pudding onto his Cousin Wu YiFan’s new trousers. Luckily YiFan’s a nice guy even if his eye brows and perpetually irritated face might delude you at first.

But for the large red box he found not so inconspicuously positioned on the side of his desk in the la mia signora office, he is not sure how to categorise.

Thankfully, Baekhyun and Kibum hadn’t arrived yet to witness such a thing but that didn’t settle his nerves much.

He set his things down and drew out his folders and laptop as usual, eyeing the box suspiciously the whole time. Once everything was set out he reached out to touch the box.
The tailor skimmed his finger tips down the smooth cardboard surface until he grazed the bow of black velvet ribbon. He pulled at the tails and watched the bow slip into two strands cleanly, dropping onto the table. Then he reached for the box in both hands, set it precariously onto his lap and lifted off the lid carefully.

Inside was a huge stuffed pillow that appeared to have owlish features, big round black-and-white eyes and small orange beak. He flicked at its triangular feather ear tufts and smiled fondly. It was a cute gift; he’d give his sender that.
A pristine envelope set upon a neatly folded jumper remained packed in the box.

I hope you like your gift! I thought it looked kind of like you (no offence intended, your eyes are adorable.)
Hopefully you’ll have something to snuggle into instead of my leg now.
And how could I forget to include an ugly Christmas jumper for a Christmas present? Haha.
Merry Christmas!
By the way would you be okay with meeting me outside la mia at 8 o’clock tonight (the 23rd)?
I’ll see you there!
P.S. Don’t let Sehun steal the jumper though hyung! He can freeze.

Kyungsoo read the letter three times gaping before he could assure himself that he had in fact not read wrongly. That Jongin had in fact just given him an adorable godamn Christmas present and asked him to accompany him somewhere.
He took a deep breath, placed the letter delicately on the desk and glanced around to see if anyone was present. Reassured that he was the sole being in the building, he hugged the pillow into his chest, smiled like an idiot and spun in his office chair slowly with soft even whooshes.

Yep, this definitely fell into the ‘better surprises’ category.

Later that evening, the store is closed by six, but as per usual; its workers stay behind usually until about ten o’clock, maybe twelve if they have a lot of orders in that week. They use the time and space to complete university and other such work too because it’s easier than going all the way to a library or the workshops.

But tonight Kyungsoo has to be ready to leave by eight. Luckily he wasn’t questioned too much about the huge red box he had tucked under his desk, nor the new wide-eyed pillow situated behind his back, save one questioning glance from Baekhyun. (Who, miracle of miracles, had not said a word about it. Kibum just didn’t even notice, the poor guy looked so stressed over whatever overseas fashion label he was collaboratively designing for.)

Laptop, folders and stationary neatly put away into his bag, pillow packed back in the red box now sitting on his table once again; he waited for the arrival of Jongin.

A sudden modest knock on the door that interrupted the undisturbed atmosphere, had everyone jolting in their seats, Baekhyun spilt a third of his coffee down his shirt. He hissed at the burn of the murky liquid.

Kyungsoo opened the door to reveal a sheepish, somewhat nervous Jongin.
Baekhyun pouted at the dancer while lifting the stained material off of his chest. Jongin gave him a quizzical look until he realised what had happened and sent an apologetic smile.

Kyungsoo pulled on his coat and scarf, grabbed his bag and moved to reach for the box, before it was snatched up by Jongin.
“Let’s go hyung,” he smiled.

Luckily Jongin had brought his car with him today so they didn’t have to suffer the subway in the cold.

They spent around half an hour driving to wherever Jongin was planning to take him, neither talked, they mostly listened to the lame English or idol group-rendition Christmas songs playing on the radio. Kyungsoo sang along to a few of them, smiling and admiring the lights of the city streaking past.

They arrive at a very familiar venue. The same place Kyungsoo had waited twenty-five minutes in the freezing cold to observe his first official project in action, or more importantly, to watch Jongin dance.

Jongin refrained smiling, biting his lip as he watched realisation wash over the owl-eyed boy next to him. He then hopped out of the warmth of the car to grab some bags from the boot, Kyungsoo watched him wide-eyed, unsure what to do with himself.

“You might like to take the jumper and Pillow with hyung,” Jongin addressed him softly, shutting the boot with a loud clunk.
Kyungsoo nodded and grabbed them quickly, Jongin locked the car after him and they made their way inside.

Jongin fiddled with a set of keys in his pocket, unlocking the side door and holding it for Kyungsoo.
“They allow most dancers within the company to use this place whenever they want to, as long as there isn’t a performance running. I’m pretty sure it’ll be completely empty considering it’s the 23rd.”
Kyungsoo nodded thoughtfully, that did make sense, but a completely empty, massive theatre was likely to be creepy as fuck.

They entered the massive heavy doors into the same area Kyungsoo had enjoyed watching Jongin perform a month or so ago. Jongin disappeared for a moment, much to his slight unease, into a control room. He opened the massive, heavy curtain and switched on the white-yellow film stage lights.
It created a soft yellow glow among the first few rows of spectator seats, staining them a mild burnt orange while the rest were still shrouded in darkness.

But then Kyungsoo heard another echoing click and the fairy lights that snaked over the walls started glowing like thousands of green-yellow lighted fireflies as well.

Kyungsoo found himself, yet again, staring at the same hall with a whole new sense of awe. He passed down between the rows of seats, down the stairs that lead to the stage, still gazing around himself dreamily.

Once he climbed upon the stage, Jongin had already descended from the control room and was setting up a blanket Kyungsoo recognised as the one he had used on the movie night, a few pillows, a flask and a Tupperware box.

Kyungsoo padded over to him and returned the gentle smile directed at him when he sat down next to the younger.
“This place looks amazing Jongin, really amazing, I’m so glad you invited me.”

Jongin laughed self-consciously and touched at the back of his neck with his hand shyly, “I’m glad you like it hyung. I thought you would, you really seem to like lights.”

Kyungsoo glanced at him with a curious expression.

“Oh, you uhm, you looked like you were enjoying the ones around Seoul when we went for samgyeopsal the other day. “
Kyungsoo blinked at him, both surprised and bashfully happy that Jongin had noticed something so small.  He struck Jongin with a shy grin, “thank you, Jongin.”

Jongin bit his lip again, beaming, “I’ve got some mulled wine, mince pies, and meat pies if you want.”

Kyungsoo nodded enthusiastically, helping Jongin to get the food out hurriedly, “Oh thank god I didn’t get to eat dinner.”

They sat, sipping the warm, tasty concoction, chewing on pies and listening to the peaceful seasonal music Jongin had linked his mp3 to the theatre’s sound system to play.
It sounded amazing resonating throughout the wide, barren hall.

“Want to dance?” Jongin asked playfully, already standing and holding out his hand for the shorter.
Kyungsoo allowed himself to be lifted off his cushion seat, “I promise you I’m not really that good with dancing, so uhm,” he shifted bashfully.

Jongin sniggled, “it’s fine, I can show you.” He caressed Kyungsoo’s waist delicately with one arm, gripping his hand in the other.
Kyungsoo hung one arm over Jongin’s shoulder, staring at their feet to follow Jongin’s steps.
Even with Kyungsoo’s hesitant, awkward movements they managed to form a duet of harmonic grace of their own after the first song or so.

Once he had memorised the foot movements well enough, he lifted his head once again to look up at Jongin’s face. At this, Jongin offered a warm, content upturning of thick lips. Kyungsoo almost staggered in his movements for a movement, knocked of centre for a second with the burden of unexpected feelings.
He managed to return the smile after his moment of unease, lacing their fingers together and tightening his grip on the younger boy. Jongin reciprocated, holding his waist firmly.

They danced, song after song, changing their pace to suit each one’s beat.

At one point, Kyungsoo found himself leaning his head into the crook of Jongin’s neck, feeling the taller’s chin pressed lightly on the crown of his head, feeling the slight vibrations of him humming along to the tune of the music quietly.

Eventually, Jongin’s playlist ran dry of the soft slow tunes. They continued rocking together slowly in the silence. After a while, Kyungsoo found himself found himself lifting his head back up from where it was tucked in the younger boy’s neck; admirning the refractions of stage lights in his dark eyes.
At this; Jongin, once again, slipped into an easy gentle smile, staring straight back at him; the word ‘adoration’ written all over his features.

He shifted his hold on Kyungsoo’s waist to press their torsos together, bringing up their laxly linked hands between their faces to press a feathery kiss on the smaller boy’s knuckles.

“I like you Kyungsoo,” he whispered with a slightly shaky voice, unthreading their fingers and tracing swirls on the apples of his flushed cheeks. “I really do. More than I should.”

Kyungsoo chuckled, eyes creased into crescents, “that makes two of us,” he coughed. “ I like you too, Jongin.”

Jongin’s eyes softened.

“A little too much.”

Jongin used the fingers of one hand to smooth lines down Kyungsoo’s face, sliding the digits down to his jaw line, allowing them to roam back and forth the creamy curved expanse of skin. Kyungso shivered, the feeling of electrification fizzling underneath the occupied skin.
Kyungsoo tilted his head, eyes fluttering from Jongin’s gaze to his peach lips and closing the distance between them and his own to a resounding zero.

Jongin reacted pretty quickly to his advances, bringing up his remaining hand to continue tracing light dusting circles on the shorter’s cheeks, pecking and nibbling at his lips.
Kyungso smiled and assaulted the younger with the same treatment of soft lips, arms coming to wrap over his shoulders.
He sighed when a tentative warm, wet tongue slid over his bottom lip and drew a few lines over it until it slipped its way inside his mouth.
He tasted the familiar flavours of that evening; nutmeg, orange, cinnamon, dried fruits, Bay leave. Tastes he would be unlikely to forget for a very long time.

Jongin pulled back out, breathing a little heavier from the lack of air.

Kyungsoo quirked a smile at him with red tinted cheeks and pearly whites, also short on breath and absolutely delighted.

They sat on the blankets again for the rest of the night; Kyungsoo sitting on Jongin’s lap as the taller enclosed him in his arms protectively and peppered light touchings of lips along the skin of his neck. They laughed at dumb jokes and cheesy, ridiculous scenarios. Played with each other’s fingers and delicately thrummed the lines or bones of palms and knuckles, as if playing guitar chords. Occasionally the fingers pressed innocently on wintery chapped lips were replaced for a matching pair.

 Kyungsoo had thrown on the Christmas jumper Jongin had given him when the open area had gotten too cold. It swamped him slightly but was admittedly incredibly cosy for that very reason.

“You know what, I could really get used to this boyfriend thing,” Jongin mused, pouring the last of the now rather lukewarm wine.
Kyungsoo smiled contentedly in silent agreement, it had been a while since he’d had someone like this. But he was almost entirely sure that whatever this was between him and Jongin was probably the best he’d ever felt in a relationship.

It’s rare to find one in which you can feel adoration bleeding into you from the other party, instead of simply the raw feelings you have for  them yourself.

And this was just the beginning.

They left at 1am, only suddenly realising the time when Jongin had yawned and checked his phone in curiosity.
Jongin dropped him off at his and Sehun’s apartment, kissing him goodnight and watching him waddle over to the doors of the apartment complex with the great big red box amusedly.

Kyungsoo trekked to their room and opened the door as silently as possible.

Any attempt of subtlety he had made was foiled when he tripped on the step up from the entrance hall into the rest of the house and the box went flying, landing with a loud smack on the wooden panelling.
He winced. Sehun is a very very light sleeper. Oh dear god.

His fears proved true when he saw the blonde leaning on the inside of the door frame to his room,

“h-hey Sehun..”

The younger boy smiled drowsily at him,
“Where did you and Jongin go off to?”

Ah. So Baekhyun did text Sehun.

“Just, kind of... out.”

“Don’t give me that hyung. Where?”

Damn his stubborn persistence.

“He brought me to the theatre...” he started tentatively, looking up through his eyelashes at his childhood friend, who nodded for him to continue. “We ate pies and drank mulled wine,” Sehun was smiling more by the second, “we danced.” Kyungsoo swallowed the lump of mixed emotions shoving their way up his throat. “And then he told me he likes me a lot, ‘more than I should’,” a cute, embarrassed close-lipped smile formed on his lips, “I told him it was mutual.”

Sehun grinned at him with a one-thousand-watt smile and enclosed him in a bone-crushing hug, “I’m glad for you, hyung,” he tightened his hold even further, “Jongin’s an awesome person from what I’ve seen.”
Kyungsoo laughed, not caring that his shoulders were starting to ache from Sehun’s hold, and wrapped his own arms around the teen, “thank-you Sehun-ah.”

When Sehun had retracted his hold, he spoke with a strangely serious tone, “but if any ass-kicking ever needs to be done I will be very happy to carry it out. I don’t care where or when.”

Kyungsoo’s eyes widened for a second, before he nodded, not wanting to trivialise the younger’s concern.
Sehun was back to smiling again.

“So did anything interesting happen in the theatre?”

Kyungsoo frowned at him with a scandalized look, “no. All we did was kiss and maybe, ur, cuddle a little. Nothing like that!”
Sehun laughed at him, “alright, alright, I get it. Neither of you are the ‘first date’ type then,” raising his hands to form air quotation marks.
Kyungsoo started to roll his eyes in response, but was caught halfway by a sudden yawn, once again remembering that it was probably almost two in the morning. And he had the early shift the next day.

“I’m gonna go to bed. You should get some more sleep too.”

He started walking towards his bedroom door before stopping to deliberate for a second, choosing to grab the owl pillow from the red box quickly as well.
“‘night hyung.”

On the morning of the 25th, Jongin finds a package outside his door.

Dear Jongin,
merry Christmas. I’ll enjoy spending the New Year with you.
I hope you like the cookies (they’re macadamia nut and white chocolate), I made them myself. Hopefully my baking skills are good enough~
As you said, what’s a Christmas present without a jumper? (But hey, this one is the nutcracker themed.) –I loved your so much performance by the way!
The CD now, hm, I wasn’t sure about whether to add it or not. But uh I tried singing to some of the songs we had playing in the theatre, Baekhyun heard me and thought it might be a nice idea.
So yeah hopefully my singing isn’t too bad.
I can’t wait to see you again.
Love, Kyungsoo.

He sent a text to his little addresser not one moment after reading it.

I’ll look forward to it.




20th of July, 2013;

“Hyung, what do you think?” Jongin asked cheerfully, turning to face his lover.
The smaller boy looked up at him with an appreciative gaze, “you should wear suits more often.”

“Oh?” Jongin smirked.

Kyungsoo walked up to adjust the younger’s tie, “Hm. Can’t give all the credit to you though, seventy-five percent of the work was done by me. I made it.” He replied playfully.

Jongin placed two hands on the sides of Kyungsoo’s face and smiled at the joke, pecking his lips, “obviously.”
Kyungsoo giggled at him, running his hands though his boyfriend’s slicked hair while Jongin dropped one of his hands to snake around Kyungsoo’s waist, pulling him against his chest.

“You look good too Soo’. A classy kind of adorable.”

Kyungsoo now dropped his hands to Jongin’s cheeks, like the latter had done earlier, and squished them together so his lips puckered out. He then kissed them a few times to punctuate his next words, “thank. You. Jonginie.”

Jongin smiled at that, pulling him even closer and peppering light kisses around the rim of his lips. Kyungsoo grinned into the light presses of skin.
After teasing and touching for while, Jongin dragged him off to go see his sister, whom of which was waiting in her dressing room for the wedding to start.

“It’s nice to see you again, Kyungsoo,” she greeted happily upon seeing the protective arm her little brother had over his waist.

“You too,” he smiled politely, “the reception looks so well thought-out. And you’re even prettier of course.”

“Thank you,” she coloured a little.

Jongin laughed at their awkwardness, “congratulations noona,” he moved over to hug her lightly so as not to crumple her dress.
She pulled her arms around him as well, patting his back, “I love you Jongin, thank you so much.”
Jongin retracted from her hold and beamed, “love you too!”

Kyungsoo watched the scene, amused and contented, Jongin was such a cute sappy little brother.

“Hey Kyungsoo,” Jongin asked a few seconds later, grin present in his voice.


“If we ever get the right to get married, you’re wearing the dress,” he pinched the boy’s cheeks gushing with a falsetto voice one might use speak to puppies or toddlers with, “Imagine how pretty and adorable you would be.”

Kyungsoo frowned at him, “hell no you can wear it,” and then promptly burst into a fit of laughter after picturing it.

Jongin gaped at him, “me, dress? Really now?”

Kyungsoo looked up at him and started giggling again. “Oh my god that would look terrible,” he choked.

Jongin pouted and poked at the still snickering boy’s temple, “that’s why you’re wearing it.”

He swatted Jongin’s hands away, “naw I can design some suits instead.”
Jongin smiled warmly, “good plan.”

Well as it turns out, in the end Jongin did at least manage to get him to try on a dress after copious amounts of begging and kissing him until he couldn’t breathe.
But the dancer was soon pummelled to death with a candle holder when he jokingly suggested Kyungsoo wear the damned thing for the ceremony. Like hell he would.

 A/n: Wow so this is all done and dusted now. I am so sorry for the delay on the third chapter, I had a few parts that desperately needed re-writing. Thank you so much for making it this far! I love you guys~!!
Again, constructive crit is very much encouraged. I'd love to hear what you guys want to say. I really wasn't sure about writing romantic scenes so hopefully it isn't too hard to understand or sounds weird(??)
I might actually write a few side stories to this, maybe one for sebaek and one for Kyungsoo meeting Jongin's parents, what do you guys think? Yay or nay?

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Aww thank you!!
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