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Sew we meet again (1/3)- kaisoo 
2nd-Dec-2013 11:33 pm
Title: Sew we meet again.
Pairings: Main: kaisoo (kai/kyungsoo), slight!Sebaek (sehun/baekhyun).
Genre: fluff, romance
Rating: NC13
Author: tofuticktacks (LJ)
Length: (entire fic) 14,400 words (this chapter) 5,926
Disclaimer: I do not own the boys, just the plot.
Summary: As it turns out, Jongin’s encounter with the young tailor he orders a suit from one day, would run a little further on down the line than simply collecting the garment three weeks later.
a/n; dreamwidth

La mia signora.

The letters hovered proudly above the dark oak entrance way. An array of jackets, waistcoats, straight-legs, boot cuts and tailcoats were positioned on faceless white mannequins in a display behind polished glass.
Jongin squinted at the foreign lettering matching the scribbles crossing the crumpled pink sticky-note in his hand, briefly wondering, not for the first time, if this whole thing was a complete waste of his free time (there seriously wasn’t very much of it to waste at this point.) But of course his family hadn’t seemed to have noticed that.

After a good twenty seconds of internal conflict staring at it, he grumbled, stuffed the note back in his pocket and pushed open the door slowly to peak his head in.

The interior of the store seemed to have a general neutral base scheme to it; white washed walls accented with dark grey for the door and window frames. There were more white mannequins like the ones in the store window this time without the creepy featureless heads, adorned in what could be described as formal menswear. They were placed along the walls of the long room making a straight walkway across the middle. The walls were decorated with many large pictures of long-limbed male models wearing yet more designs, walking through streets, beaches and the more elaborate down dark runways. It was very well-lit thanks to large skylights and the glass window display.
At the end of the room in the right corner was a fairly large vintage-styled wooden desk currently occupied by a person with a head of soft short milk chocolate hair, eyes turned down in concentration.

When Jongin opened the door up properly, said person had lifted his head to turn to him with an open-mouthed look, quickly morphing into a polite smile.
“Hello, welcome to La mia signora how may I help?”

Big eyes Jongin noted as he crossed the immaculate wooden floor to get to the desk.

“Hi, yeah, I need to get a, uh, full suit,” Jongin drawled with uncertainty once he reached the desk. The boy –Kyungsoo, apparently, according to the black nametag pinned to the grey waistcoat he was wearing; nodded, stood from his chair and motioned for Jongin to follow him. He was actually quite small, a good three or four inches below jongin’s five-eleven. He crossed to the left side of the back wall and opened a door that was three-quarters of the way along. The room behind the door was some sort of office. A bunch of papers strewn across desks rested up against the sides of it, complete with two laptops, walls covered in pin-up boards on the left side and a lounge-like area to the right housing a coffee machine, coffee table and plush couches with many pillows.

 Kyungsoo walked up to a desk to pull out some form-like-document and a biro and addressed the other two occupants of the room, “I’ve got a customer now guys, someone needs to man the desk.”

A boy with raging magenta hair sitting at one of the desks, hands fiddling with a paperclip swivelled in his chair. “I’ll go~,” he called enthusiastically flinging said paperclip into the air. He took a quick glance between Kyungsoo and Jongin, turning back to the former to pause with some sort of playful, teasing grin,

-What the fuck?

before merrily prancing out the door.

Kyungsoo, seemingly unaffected by this exchange with the magenta-head, walked up to the door as well, “Thanks Baek, see you later Kibum.”
The blonde sitting on the couch using a laptop simply held up a hand in greeting, eyes never leaving his screen.

Kyungsoo closed the door and turned his wide gaze back to Jongin again, “right this way sir”.

Jongin followed Kyungsoo into another room that was behind the left wall of the front room.
This room had a single large glass table toward the back and wooden draws lining all of the walls. There were several clothing wracks in the middle of the room, the walls had a few pictures like those in the front room on similarly white walls.

“Aright,” Kyungsoo lead Jongin to sit at the table and set down the form “you said you wanted to get a full suit?”
 Jongin nodded, “Yes.” Kyungsoo started scribbling away neatly on the paper, “what sort of style do you want it? Any special occasion it would be for?”
Jongin mulled on this for a few seconds eyes casted on the ceiling, scrunching his nose, “not really, just something formal, stylish and classy.” He wasn’t entirely sure of the details needed. This whole idea hadn’t been his own after all.

His father and older sister had come up to him at one point last weekend when he visited the family home (he had been living in his own apartment since graduating school earlier in that year) to have some sort of celebratory dinner because his 9-years-older-sister had gotten engaged.
His father had suggested it first saying that ‘When a boy has graduated school he has entered adulthood’ and ‘every man needs at least one good suit in his closet for formal events’ which is where his sister interjected that he needed a nice suit to go to her wedding in and ‘I’m not having you come to my wedding in one of those rented suits that never fit nicely, they either look like a sack or that you bought them when you were 15. We’re a successful family; I’m not letting you wear something cheap to make a bad impression on my wedding day’.

Honestly, Jongin wasn’t complaining; suits are nice and all- but then so is the good old jeans-and-t-shirt combo, plus there wasn’t anything wrong with the rented variety in his opinion. He was not a person that really cared for making himself look expensive. But none of his interjections would have mattered at that point so he just shut his trap and agreed to get the damn suit. His father decided to pay for it himself anyway.

And so here we are.

The shop attendant had continued to enquire about the style of the suit he was looking for.
He asked him about placement and number of vents for both jacket and trousers, French cuffs and normal cuffs, number of buttons as well as their types and sizes; the number, size and placement of pockets, the collar style on the jacket and shirt, whether he wanted a waistcoat and if so what style and or length and then of course there was also the fabric. The whole process was kind of exhausting. There were so many elements and decisions to be made for a simple suit.

He honestly had to give props to Kyungsoo, the boy was very patient when Jongin was having small mental crises at the amount of choices he was given and was incredibly knowledgeable about every change to be made and how it impacted the overall style. The whole time the shorter male would dart around the room opening up different draws in the cabinets lining the room to show him samples of things, even displaying a few of the garments hung on the wracks in the centre to him.

The thing about those big eyes the he owned was that they were incredibly expressive. Whenever he would start explaining something to Jongin in detail they surged with unadulterated passion and interest, even with the blank look on his face.

Admittedly, Jongin ended up asking a few more questions than he needed to just to see Kyungsoo’s eyes light up, listened to his rambling like it was the most fascinating thing he had ever heard in the world. Jongin could easily tell that he had put in a lot of hard work to get to his level in the name of love, love for the thing he did- which Jongin could relate to himself.

It was the eyes that said aching muscles from inactivity and exertion were okay; it was the look that preached of no regret for missing moments that could have been used for rest, ones for comfort, ones for people and lovers and movies and TV shows. Jongin could understand that look.

The other thing about those wide eyes was that they were completely adorable.

Actually his stature is also pretty cute in a way; he was quite short and had a somewhat delicate petite form. His smile was always an earnest and modest crinkling of eyes.
Jongin would have been lying if he said that he wasn’t slightly drawn to the clerk in some strange way. He could tell that the desire to hug and squish the poor guy cooing at him unintelligibly were not entirely normal things to want to do to a stranger and certainly not a grown man.
He half wondered if this entire internal fiasco was a result of sleeplessness thanks to his job.

Adorable shop attendants aside, once they had finished the designing choices, paper filled with (what seemed like) hundreds of requirements and design choices, an hour and fifteen minutes had already passed.

“Ah shit,” Jongin hissed at his watch.
Kyungsoo furrowed his brows in silent inquisition.
“Can we schedule the measuring and stuff for another time? I’ve really got to get to work.”
“Of course, sir,” he smiled in response and walked Jongin back into the front room again, asking for him to jot down contact details briefly before thanking him.

Of course droopy-eyes, leaning back casually in his chair, fingers drumming rhythmically on the arm, was giving the both of them the same weird smirk the whole time.
“Thank you, we’ll see you again for measurements then sir.” Kyungsoo beamed at Jongin bowing his head slightly in respect.
“Yeah thanks for this too.” He bowed back awkwardly, took a glance at Mr.Ribena-cheshire to do the same, ended up scowling at the guy and turned to stroll out the door as fast and naturally as humanly possible.

Well that was certainly a new experience.

Jongin winced slightly as he high-tailed toward the subway station, almost tripping over a small Vespa parked so very conveniently in the middle of the path.

He had never given much thought as regard to, well, ‘attraction’ to other people before. It wasn’t really much of a concern to him. He had done the whole ‘dating’ shebang a few times in the past but it hadn’t really ever given him any real satisfaction, not enough for him to get hooked on the idea anyway unlike many of the adolescent population it seemed. Instead he fell in love with his hobbies; his passion, which was working pretty well for him so far anyway.

But judging from the bewildering events today, maybe the problem was that he... hadn’t tried it out with guys yet?

Wow okay, slow down there soldier.

He stumbled down the stairs to get to his platform, death-gripping the rail so he didn’t suddenly plummet to the painful end of his career and barreled around the corner just in time to see the tail of a speeding train.

Line 3 from Apgujeong departed

Well, shit.

Kyungsoo had to admit that a bunch of butterflies were kind of mauling up his insides at that moment; he was sitting in the midsection of a bus, hopelessly grasping to the strap of his messenger bag.
He also happened to be heading to his first ever client of his dream job, the job he had been working his ass off for the last five years to get.

It was in the first year of high school that he first discovered his school’s textiles department.

During his middle school years, while he did have interests and small hobbies that he enjoyed doing from time to time, there wasn’t anything he was passionate enough about to pour his heart and soul into practicing or working on for hours every day to get to a professional level. And there certainly wasn’t anything that he was prepared to do for the rest of his life sure that he wouldn’t tire for eventually. So, Kyungsoo was fully (somewhat reluctantly) prepared to have to go down the conventional studying-your-ass-off-for-the-next-five-years to then get a nine-to-five office job route.

But after getting lost on the Thursday of his fist week in high school to find himself in a room; walls collaged with many pictures of designs, fabrics, posters explaining a flood of different fabric properties and complex ‘working diagrams’ as well as a load of perfect handmade garments, bags and toys on display on wooden tables surrounding the room that he spent the entirety of half an hour gawking at and running his hands over, he had joined the textiles club experimentally and never looked back since.

Kyungsoo was now in his second year of university, studying fashion and design in the hopes of becoming a professional costume designer. He already had (somewhat of) a side job at ‘La mia signora’ to gather experience and to afford his half of the rent.

However, right now he was currently riding to the apartment of some young dancer that he was going to be designing a costume for (he was making and designing costumes for all the main dancers), for the first time ever.  And he was fucking ecstatic.
Of course all he was doing was getting measurements but it was still practically his first day on the job in terms of work.

After finally reaching his stop, Kyungsoo thanked the bus driver and stepped off into the slight chill of early September, an odd sensation considering the air had still retained the scent of sun-baked dry grass from recent summer weather.

The apartment block wasn’t too hard to find; white chalk coloured brick sandwiched between a glass-clad business firm and a cute little western bakery.
The young sartor entered through automatic glass doors and headed straight for the elevators. He was absentmindedly humming along to the familiar tune playing from the elevator sound system when his phone started bleeping away obnoxiously in the bottom of his bag.

From: First client!! : KJ
To: Do Kyungsoo
September 3rd 4:58 pm

Hi, I’m going to be about 20-30 minutes late. Make yourself at home,
passcode is 940114.

Well, Kyungsoo didn’t have anything he had to be at afterwards so it didn’t really matter what time they finished. He wasn’t entirely comfortable with staying alone in a stranger's house for more than ten minutes but what the heck? This could actually prove to be interesting. The new job hype had him feeling unusually adventurous today.
Typing a quick reply, he stepped out of the elevator onto a grey carpet to pause for a second, the phone making little clicking noises that bounced around the silent hallway as he keyed the message.

From: Do Kyungsoo
To: First client!! : KJ
3rd September 4:59 pm
That’s alright I’ll wait, hurry over.

Locking and stuffing his phone back into his bag, Kyungsoo padded his way down the hall attempting to find apartment 88.

After finding it and hesitantly keying in the pass code he took a deep breath and pushed the door open.

The young designer shifted his head left and right inside the doorway cautiously first to check his surroundings, just in case there was anything around he could make unfortunate and embarrassing contact with.
After giving himself the affirmative; noting no ceramic objects, glass objects or marginally expensive electronics in his general vicinity, he slipped off his shoes and placed them neatly in a corner by the door.

It looked to be a pretty decently sized apartment, the open plan layout made it look even bigger.
Kyungsoo stepped slowly across the wooden floor onto a soft white carpet in the middle of the room that the lounge area was resting on. He perched himself on the brown three-seater couch, slipping off his messenger bag and putting it on the glass coffee table in front of his knees.
Straight ahead of him was a medium sized TV set, it looked a bit dusty but the owner was bound to be so busy practicing every day it was inevitable that there’d be mess around. In fact there were a few items of clothing lying around randomly here and there, one or two plates and cutlery cluttered the coffee table and what Kyungsoo was able to see of the kitchen sink from the couch. But honestly it wasn’t too bad at all.
There were four black and red striped bean bags all lying around the lounge area and the couch was full of plump soft-looking pillows stacked across the back behind him.
He ran the tips of his fingers over the velvety surface of the couch experimentally, poking it to test how spongy it was and-

Holy mother of marshmallows and all that is squishy.

He started to inwardly debate whether snuggling oneself into a stranger’s couch would be considered inappropriate in any way.

What about a stranger you’re supposed to be acting professional with?

But, oh screw it- the guy did literally say make yourself at home.

Leaning right into the back of the couch, he lifted up his knees so that he could hug them into his chest. The thing practically swallowed him up into a little bundle of cosy fuzziness.

Never had Do Kyungsoo wanted to sleep for eternity on a mysterious piece of furniture this much in his 21 year lifespan.

Whoever owned this place definitely liked it comfy.

But all too soon his little cocoon of contentment was interrupted by the opening of the front door.
He straightened himself out a bit, raising up his neck to see the person properly.
“You’re here already right?”

Hang on a second.

He let his hands fall from around his legs,
“yeah, over here.”

That voice seems kind of familiar.

A tall figure stepped out from the unlit entrance way into the brightness of the living area.


“Sorry I got-“

Kyungsoo stared, eyes even wider than usual, into the handsome equally stunned face of who Baekhyun had graciously described as ‘Mr. Fucking-delectable’, giving Kyungsoo a suggestive wiggle of his eyebrows as soon as the poor guy had walked out the door last week. And no, Baekhyun wasn’t out for the guy himself, he had an undying teasing nature and just happened to know the man was exactly what Kyungsoo would find jaw-dropingly attractive. Of which... wasn’t entirely untrue.

The guy –Jong... in? Was currently wearing a black sleeveless top over a pair of loose navy blue three-quarter length trousers, a grey adidas duffel bag slung over his shoulder and some well-worn off-white coloured trainers.

How he managed to walk around in the evening without any form of jacket or even a cardigan was beyond Kyungsoo’s understanding. Although, his skin was kind of literally shimmering slightly under the light from perspiration so the slight breeze outside probably did him some good.
Kyungsoo spotted the lean muscle gracing his arms and broad shoulders all encased in the most gorgeous faintly tanned mocha colour skin and barely caught himself from whimpering.

But when Kyungsoo’s gaze fixated on Jongin’s own, both spying the expression of complete slack-jawed wide-eyed shock they each had, the two simultaneously broke out into gut-wrenching laughter.

Jongin threw his head back, shoulders shaking, slapping his knee a good few times; this sight was ten times better than any first impression he’d had with the dancer even though he could barely see it through his crescent-shaped eyes.

His own shoulders were also shaking and he had leant forward and crossed his legs to prevent himself from falling right off the couch.

After a good two minutes they both calmed down, still smiling stupidly and wiping at wet eyes.
“Well fancy meeting you here, Kyungsoo right?” Jongin asked walking a bit closer now.

Kyungsoo nodded and shook his head in exasperation “I certainly wasn’t expecting this.”

Jongin sighed contently looking down at the wide-eyed male, “sorry I made you wait though, my practice session got extended. Co-worker insisted I help him get this one move right.”
Kyungsoo gave him a small smile, “that’s fine. I didn’t have anything to do after this anyway so it doesn’t matter.”

Jongin hummed thoughtfully and looked down at himself grimacing slightly, “hey uh... since you’re not doing anything, mind waiting a while longer so I can get cleaned up a bit? I don’t think you’d appreciate measuring me all sweaty.”

Oh contraire, you have no idea how much I’d like to-

Kyungsoo cleared his throat quickly and nodded back, “Yeah sure.”
Jongin smiled again “Okay, well you can go make some tea, coffee or something. There’s food in the cupboards somewhere- just fish it out, and well, I see you’ve already discovered how comfy the couch is.”
At that Kyungsoo coloured slightly, “sorry...” he said whilst scrunching his face a bit in embarrassment.
The dancer chuckled lightly “nothing to be sorry about, everyone loves that couch. See you in a bit.”

Jongin turned and walked up to and through a door on the left wall.

Kyungsoo ended up staring at the door for a few seconds after Jongin had left, mind blank and feeling kind of light and warm in a strange way.

Deciding that giving himself something to do instead of awkwardly sitting there again would probably be the best course of action, Kyungsoo stood to go see if he could try making himself a cup of tea.

Having managed to locate the tea-making utensils and whipped up a nice strong cup (thankfully without incident), he returned to the couch, settling himself into a similar position to what he was in earlier but half sitting on his legs as opposed hugging them to his chest.

Kyungsoo closed his eyes briefly, listening to the constant hum of the shower next door, it was very calming and he found himself almost lulling off to sleep.

After a few minutes, Jongin resurfaced from the bathroom, a cloud of steam in his wake. His hair still wet and draped over his forehead messily.
Now the dancer had opted for a white tank top and loose grey jogging bottoms, giving a maddeningly good view of those collar bones the other shirt had hidden.

Turns out glistening from shower after-glow and water is better than glistening with sweat.

And that is probably the reason Kyungsoo’s cheeks were dusted with the lightest tinge of pink, but he took a big gulp of hot tea to use as a (lame) excuse instead.

Of course it burned like the bitch that karma is.

“Let’s get started then shall we?” Jongin walked over to stand right next to the couch, having not noticed.

Kyungsoo nodded quickly and set down the tea on the coffee table to fumble through his bag to find a tape measure and some writing implements.

“So how old are you?” Jongin asked casually while Kyungsoo was gently lifting up both of his arms with the pads of his fingers.

“I turned 21 in January.”

“Wow, so you’re older than me.”


“I turned 19 also, surprisingly, in January.”
Kyungsoo looked up from where he was measuring around Jongin’s waist to give him a look of moderate shock, mouth hanging slightly open.

It wasn’t that Jongin looked much older than 19, not at all. But to be put into such an important and highly anticipated performance as one of the leads at the age of only 19 was really impressive.

Jongin smiled and snickered slightly at the look on Kyungsoo’s face, “you look very young though, hyung.”
Deciding against dwelling on the honorific use too much and end up grinning stupidly to himself or blushing, the designer turned to jot down the measurements.

“Uh... Thank you.” It sounded more like a question.

“So you work as a designer?”

“Yep, I really want to become a costume designer. You’re the first person I’m designing for real... for,” Kyungsoo finished uncertainly.

“I feel very honoured then.” Jongin marvelled mockingly, drawing a light chuckle from Kyungsoo.

They continued like that for the whole time Kyungsoo was taking the measurements.

 Kyungsoo learned that Jongin’s father was the owner of his own company and that their family was quite well-off, but his father had also never tried to force him into taking over the business just so that it would ‘keep the family name’ or anything of that sort and instead allowed him to follow his own dreams of becoming a dancer. Kyungsoo really respected Jongin’s father for that decision. “I think he just thinks I’m too dumb for it,” Jongin had chided.

He told Kyungsoo about his sister’s wedding and also about his job as a dance instructor for the younger generations, that he had it to be able to afford this apartment once he graduated.

They found out that they both actually had an interest in crime/ murder-mystery dramas and novels. Jongin didn’t have quite as much affinity toward the historical ones compared to Kyungsoo, the context in which they were written just didn’t really appeal to him. But of course the designer had coaxed him into accepting one or two recommendations for a rainy day.

“Hang on, let me get this straight; he hasn’t even watched Mulan?” Jongin muttered in utter disbelief.
Kyungsoo mirrored his concerned expression, shaking his head.


Another shake.

“...treasure island?”

Kyungsoo simply turned to him with a deadpan expression

“Fuck. What were his parents teaching him?”

“I have no idea. How he managed to avoid watching them when we were practically in the same house for at least five hours a day for six years still continues to baffle me.”

They were currently discussing Kyungsoo’s roommate and child-hood friend Oh Sehun, whom they had now deemed a ‘completely uncultured’ asset to Jongin’s age group.

“Okay that’s it we’re planning a Disney marathon with this kid.”

 “You what now?”

“A Disney marathon. I cannot let one person of my generation go through with his life having never watched a single Disney film. That shit is just not right, I feel like he got passed up on a freaking life experience or something. Everybody has watched them, everybody.”

Kyungsoo chortled, stashing away his supplies back into the bag.

“That’s not a bad idea Jongin, I haven’t had the time to watch any movies recently.”
“Then we can do it after this performance is over, you’d be quite free then too right?”
“Yeah, as long as the store doesn’t get flooded with orders or something.”
“It’s a deal then,” Jongin gave him an adorable half-smile.

And so ended his second encounter with the mysterious performer.

He had turned out to be quite different from first impression; instead of the look of semi-apathy and nonchalance the boy had shown in the store, he was a bucket load of beautiful smiles and laughter.
It was quite surprising how he had changed once he had spent time with Kyungsoo even though they had only a few hours of contact.

Kyungsoo felt very lucky for that.

“So you think you’re gay now?”

“No, the word is bisexual.”

“Yes, that. Point of the matter is; you like dick.”

Jongin groaned, his head in his hands as he slid onto his dad’s secretary’s desk. His movement crunched up a load of papers positioned on the edge.
“Hey hey hey your ass is ruining my desk layout.” Chanyeol boomed from his seat with a mouth full of chicken salad sandwich.

“I have literally just had the biggest revelation of my life. Nobody cares about your papers.”

Chanyeol sighed, tugging at the wad of sheets that simply slid Jongin along the table with them.
After five unsuccessful attempts he gave up and started munching on his sandwich again, “you brat.”

Jongin hummed back mournfully.

Chanyeol had been his father’s secretary since he was about fifteen; he was simultaneously laid-back but also very competent with his job. Jongin would talk to him whenever he had to wait around his father’s office and the two had bonded quite well over the years. Chanyeol became the person he liked to confide in with his deepest most issues because he knew Chanyeol would always be willing to help behind his mellow teasing haze.

“Ugh fine what exactly are you so worried about? It’s the twenty-first century for crying out loud. Even Korea is becoming more lenient with that stuff, you’d be fine as long as you don’t go kissing him senseless in front of senior citizens. Plus your family, I know, don’t care.”

“It’s not that... it’s just this is all so new. Like, also with the whole liking guys thing; but more with feeling so strong about someone I barely know.” Jongin mumbled embarrassedly uncovering his face, “You know I’ve never really cared for this sort of crap before. It’s scary.”

Chanyeol chuckled “You’re such a kid.” He patted Jongin’s shoulder reassuringly, “that’s not a bad thing, Jongin. This kind of thing happens when you meet a person that suits your tastes well- at least aesthetically. Just go with it this time, see if this whole deal suits you. If it doesn’t then who cares? You’re still young, make a few mistakes to find out what you want to do with your sexy ass and whom you want to do it with.” He finished with a flourish and thumped Jongin’s shoulder with a fist, “pun intended.”

“You asshole.”

“Is that what you say to your unofficial therapist Jongin?”

“Okay you’re a helpful asshole, but still an asshole.”

“So vulgar” Chanyeol huffed, chewing down the remains of his sandwich and then squinting at his fingers to find any stray salad cream streaks.

“So may I know more about this guy you speak of?” Chanyeol asked, throwing the sandwich packaging blindly in the general direction of the bin.

“Well uh. What do you want to know?” Jongin blinked.

Chanyeol only lazily shrugged his shoulders in response as he leant back into his office chair.

“His name is Do Kyungsoo, he’s 21 and he... is some sort of costume-designing tailor...person,” Jongin tilted his head and squinted at the ceiling fan. “Wait I think he said something about being in university too.”

Chanyeol whistled “Wow he seems pretty hard working. That stuff is damn time-consuming, and then there’s university to boot.”

Jongin nodded at the tall man, his mind quickly drifting to memories of the petite boy’s enthusiastic rambling and glinting passionate eyes. An involuntary smile pulled at the side of his lips at the thought.

He really did work hard

Chanyeol’s low chuckle interrupted his temporary reverie, “wow you fell hard man.”

Jongin glared at him disdainfully.

“Is he cute?” Chanyeol smiled mischievously, leaning his chin on laced fingers looking fully like a villain from a 007 film.

The question had somewhat caught Jongin by surprise, he cleared his throat and started nervously, “a-adorable. He’s short with these huge round eyes. His hair looks so fucking soft, I seriously had to resist ruffling it or something,” Jongin stared at his hands in front of his face as if they had betrayed his entire being. “And don’t get me fucking started on his thighs. Just-“, Jongin looked straight at Chanyeol’s curious eyes, “his smile was freaking heart-shaped Yeol. Heart Shaped. It’s not fair.”

Chanyeol whistled again “I’d kind of like to see this guy myself.”

Jongin wasn’t sure what to do with that response.

“But well done kiddo, I approve!” Chanyeol smiled enthusiastically waving a thumbs up in the younger’s face, “Just don’t forget my existence once you’re both mooning over each other. And I want a wedding invitation!”

Jongin rolled his eyes “I’ll see if I can drop by with him at some point. If this whole movie-seeing-thing goes well. Shit.”

“You’ll be fine. Now get your ass out of here, I have to go print out those papers again because they’re all messy now and the meeting is in- oh god 20 minutes.”

“That is so un-enviromentally-friendly. That pile has to be at least 150 pages,” Jongin mused as he stood to leave. "The poor little trees. ”
Chanyeol started poking violently at his back to drive a squirming Jongin forward and out the door.

“So, when will the stoic handsome prince next be gracing us with his presence?” Baekhyun mumbled, leaning his cheek on Kyungsoo’s shoulder while the latter was busy sketching up the pattern pieces for the nutcracker prince of the upcoming performance.

“When he picks up his suit, probably.”

Baekhyun pouted, poking at Kyungsoo’s temple bone “awwww why are you such a spoil sport Soo? That guy was gorgeous!”

A chuckle drifted in from the next room followed by a muted “Hyung you liar.”

Oh boy,
Kyungsoo thought, silently mourning the loss of his mentality in advance. Baekhyun was never going to let him live this one up.

“Huh?” Baekhyun blinked, standing upright.

Kyungsoo glared at the doorway witheringly before turning back to do his work, but he appeared to end up staring at the sheets blankly with a dazed frustrated expression instead.
Deciding that attempting at decoding Kyungsoo was useless, Baekhyun stood in the doorway and peered in at the Blond lanky mess of limbs sprawled over the couch watching some form of sports event on the flat screen.

The boy twisted his neck lazily to him with an amused smile.

“What do you know?” Baekhyun glowered at the younger.

The smile widened.

“Speak, boy!”

White Teeth peaked up through his lips.

Oh Sehun.”

Without waiting for yet another teasing response, Baekhyun leapt at the couch starting an all-out tickling assault on the blonde’s sides.

“Oh god-“ Sehun wheezed,

“No hyung-“ a choked giggle erupted around the room.
“ I’m sorry I’m sorr-“

Baekhyun moved one hand to start a new advance on Sehun’s armpit area.

“I’M SORRY- ahaha”


A devious smirk formed on Baekhyun’s lips as he grabbed Sehun’s bare feet to start tickling at the soft skin underneath the arch.

“FUCK-“ Sehun squirmed helplessly, kicking at Baekhyuns hands




Baekhyun finally let up, leaning back into the armrest of the couch cackling away unrelentlessly.
However, Sehun quickly recovered and pounced on his magenta-headed opponent, pinning him to the armrest and breathing large concentrated puffs of air into Baekhyun’s neck area.

OH SEHUN DON’T YOU FUCKING-“ laughter ripped at Baekhyun’s vocal cords

Sehun moved one of his hands to start poking and tickling around Baekhyun’s neck, fully aware of his friend’s weak spot.

“Kyungsooooo SAVE ME GOD DAMNIT,” He wailed between spurts of booming laughter and gasps for air, hands shoving at Sehun’s chest and forearms in an attempt to pull them off.

The petite boy eventually appeared at the doorway, arms folded over his chest in (mock?) annoyance.

“So loud,” He huffed, “Sehun let go of him please?”

Sehun pouted at the tailor but complied nonetheless.
Baekhyun sat up from where he had slid down the arm and sighed in relief.

“So what was this about Mr. Mocha à la fuckable?”

It was needless to say that that night went by with Baekhyun sending Kyungsoo obscene kissy faces, laughing (along with Sehun) at his existence, texting Luhan (their other university friend) with the ‘big news’- who promptly arrived fifteen minutes later to ‘join in the fun’, teasing the hell of him and also managed to smoothly come up with at least eight more nicknames for Jongin to add to the already hefty list.

Baekhyun also happened to acquire a total of three new shin bruises by the end of the night as well.

a/n: Well thanks for making it all the way down here! This is the first fic I've ever written so I would love some criticism (please try to keep it constructive though guys). Hopefully the viewpoint changes are easy enough to understand for you, and I am aware that I waffle on a bit so uhm yeah, is it tolerable for you?? I have typed out the entire fic so no need to worry about any non-updates, but I don't have time to upload them all consecutively.
Again thanks! Hopefully you'll read on when I put up the next chapter.

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Sailor Moon
3rd-Dec-2013 08:58 am (UTC)
Wow, this is your first written fic? I mean, it's good, really. I like the flow of the story and the characterization of the boys. You've also got a good grasp of action, dialogue and storytelling, so it was a pleasure to read what you've come up with so far. Very much looking forward to the next updates!
3rd-Dec-2013 03:24 pm (UTC)
Wooah, thank you so much for reading and commenting so nicely!!
Hopefully it'll continue as such.
I'll update as soon as possible!
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